Matter Neuroscience

Your molecular map to personal happiness

Matter helps you understand your neurological reward system. Fully activating this sophisticated concert of six reward molecules and their receptors is key to wellbeing. The tricky thing is, you can’t feel or assess reward system activity. This has long hindered mental healthcare.

A lack of information and understanding about our reward system can create unhappiness. And we’ve got more than enough of that to go around. Dependencies, anxiety, addiction, and depression are skyrocketing. Collectively, this shows up as overconsumption, inequality, abuse, and criminality.

So we can all pursue collective progress

Activating our reward system not only makes us feel good, it is good. Reward system activity creates emotions and memories, which manifest as neuroplasticity in our brains. More neuroplasticity makes us faster and more flexible thinkers, more creative, and more empathetic. Over the long-term, it helps us live longer, healthier, richer lives.

Interestingly, four of our six rewards are more active when we’re with other people. Interacting with others is essential to our progress. To make ourselves happy, we also need to make others happy. Pursuing happiness is a perpetual upward spiral of collective progress.

Feeling good feels good — and it’s necessary

The Matter app translates your positive emotions and memories into reward system activity. Over time, you’ll be able to identify and address reward system gaps so you can be happier and healthier — for yourself and the people around you.

While we’re in beta, see our privacy policy. Please know that this is a baseline, and ultimately, you’ll be the only person who can access your most personal data. More to come.

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