Privacy policy

Read this policy to understand how we keep your data safe and secure.

We only collect the data we need to make Matter work and to make Matter better. Generally, your stuff is your stuff and we stay out of it. But this also means that you are responsible for your content.

Below we outline what we do — and don’t do — with your content and data, as well as what you need to do. Please take the time to be familiar with these policies.


For the purposes of this privacy policy, We, Us, and Our refer to Matter Neuroscience Inc., dba Matter

This policy describes how we collect and use information about people who use our Services, which refers to our Website, the Matter app (the App), and related services, tools, and features. 

You and Your means you as the user of our Services, whether you are an App user, Website visitor, or another individual whose information we have collected in accordance with this policy. 

All the items you upload to the App, including images, videos, music, and text, is your Content. The Memories you create in the App include your Content as well as your Memory Data. Your Memory Data includes the Emotion Ratings you input for each Memory and the Matter Scores and Neurotransmitter Scores we algorithmically derive from your inputs. Your Data includes your Content and Memory Data as well as other information that you give us and that we collect as you use our Services.

Data collection 

We try to collect as little data from you as possible, especially personal data or personally identifiable information (PII). For example, we only collect your email address or any contact information if you choose to share it with us (for example, by signing up for our newsletter). 

The data we collect from or about you includes:

Information you provide us

  • Non-identifying data associated with Memories you upload to the App:

    • Date and time a Memory is created

    • Content you upload to a Memory (solely in encrypted form) 

  • Contact information you share with us:

    • Email address you provide (for example, to sign up for the Matter newsletter) 

Information we assign based on your use of the App

  • Non-identifying data we derive from the Memories you upload to the App:

    • The total Matter Score of individual Memories

    • Cumulative Matter Scores (over days, weeks, years, etc.)

Non-identifying data we collect from your device or browser

  • Device information, including your device model (e.g. “iPhone 15 Pro”) and your device’s operating system

  • Non-precise location data derived from your IP address

  • Analytics related to your use of the App, including by using third-party analytics tools. The types of usage we track may include:

    • When you open or use the App

    • How long you use the App

    • How you navigate the App

How we use the data we collect 

We collect and use the data described above in the following ways:

  • To provide our services: for example, providing the Matter App and Website to you, providing customer service

  • To improve our services: for example, making changes to the App or Website

  • To communicate with you: for example, if you provide your email, we can send you a newsletter or respond to customer service inquiries

  • To comply with laws and regulations

Data storage and deletion

So that we can provide you with our Services, we store your Content associated with Memories (such as images and videos) in fully encrypted form. Your Content is encrypted before it’s sent to us and can only be decrypted on your device. This means we can never access or otherwise see or read your images, videos, text, or other Content. 

Your Content only exists in decrypted, visible, and/or readable form on your device and in your own iCloud storage. 

How to delete your Content

To delete Content associated with Matter, delete the Matter App and delete all associated files in your iCloud. 

If you delete your Content, we will not be able to restore it for you. 

Learn about backing up your Content in our Terms of Service.

California residents

If you are a California resident, you have the following rights under the CCPA and CPRA:

  • The right to know what personal information we collect about you, including the categories of personal information, the categories of sources from which personal information is collected, the business or commercial purposes for collecting personal information, and the categories of third parties to whom we disclose personal information. You can find this information in the “Data Collection” section of this Privacy Policy.

  • The right to access/receive a copy of the personal information we have collected about you.

  • The right to correct inaccurate personal information that we maintain about you.

  • The right to delete personal information we have collected from you.

For additional information about your rights under California law, or to exercise any of them, please contact us at

Exceptions and additions

We may provide additional privacy notices to different groups of people at the time we collect your Content or Data. For example, if you are a participant in a research study, please refer to the informed consent document provided to you in connection with your participation in the study (if needed, ask the administrator of the study for a copy).

Contact us 

You can email our Data Protection Officer at

Or write to us at: Matter Neuroscience, Inc., 3200 Carbon Place, Suite 101, Boulder, Colorado 80301-6135.

Changes to this policy

If we make changes to this privacy policy, we will update it here and update the effective date at the top. (We can’t email you about changes because we don’t collect everyone’s email addresses.) Changes to this policy will not apply retroactively.

If you have questions or concerns about this policy or your data, please email

Effective date: November 15, 2023